Current’s variable data printing technology will help you personalize your message so you can attract attention. With targeted messaging, you will get responses beyond what you thought possible.

Personalization through customized text, images, and details has proven to be a powerful tool in moving your audience to action.

The following are a few possible print options using variable data:

Postcards are a cost-effective print marketing choice. Whether you’re announcing an event or wanting to spread your business message, adding a personal touch will let them know you care.
Greeting Cards
Greeting cards aren’t just for the holidays. What better way to say “thank you” than to send a personalized card to those who keep your company in business.
Share your message every day of the year. Using Current’s variable data technology, calendars can have personalized text and images.
Inserts for magazines and other publications are a great way to increase sales. Current can print personalized inserts so every customer feels like you had them in mind.
Promote your business and attract attention with individualized flyers. We can accommodate any unique project with our variety of folding options, coatings, and paper stocks.
An envelope is the first thing your audience sees, so why not create one with a personal touch that will draw your audience in and get your message out. With our wide selection of sizes, paper stocks, and colors, the possibilities are endless.
Entice book lovers to keep you in mind with personalized bookmarks for your school, business, or clients using our variable data technology.

Our variable data technology and high-quality printing will get you the attention you deserve.