MARKETING & ADVERTISING. Make a statement that sticks. Current’s printing technology can help move your audience into action and take your brand to the next level.

With digital printing, you can enjoy the freedom of ordering short runs at Current. High-quality custom brochures allow you to show your products, ideas, and information efficiently and effectively.
Whether you’re announcing an event or wanting to spread your business message, postcards are a cost-effective print marketing choice. Amp up your personal appeal using our variable data technology to target individual interests.
Current’s high quality printing capabilities can help you create catalogs that will show off your products and keep eyes engaged page after page.
Reach the public with attention-grabbing flyers that will help you promote sales, special offers, and events, while communicating the right message. We can accommodate your unique projects with our variety of folding options, coatings, and paper stocks.
Stick it to ‘em. Customize your magnets with logos, graphics, and digital dieless cut designs.
Current can print clean and professional looking manuals packed with full-color graphics that will engage, educate, and promote while instilling confidence in your employees and customers.